The Herreid School District is located in north central South Dakota on Highway 83 approximately 6 miles south of the North Dakota border.

The Herreid Board of Education feels that the children of the community are one of our greatest assets, and it is the intention of the Board to provide the best education possible for our children. The purpose of public school education is to develop individuals who, in a progressive world, can become capable citizens and pursue vocations of their choosing. It is understood that all children will not learn all things equally well, but all should have an equal opportunity to progress in knowledge and self-esteem in the pursuit of educational qualifications for the future.

The Board of Education will attempt to balance its program to provide for many needs and interests of the students, stressing quality over quantity. The Board believes that the center of the school curriculum is the student and that the instructional program should be tailored to fit the individual needs of each student.

The Board accepts the conclusion that the education of children is a lifelong process. The school, in cooperation with other institutions of our society, will seek to establish and maintain strong ties with parents and community programs.


The mission of Herreid School District is:

  • to provide educational opportunities for all students to achieve their highest potentials. 

  • to emphasize positive values and good health.

  • to encourage them to view learning as a lifelong commitment in an ever-changing world.